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A Warm Welcome to Crawshaw School

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ALERT LEVEL 2 UPDATE: Notice for Whaanau

Procedures for the remainder of the year

Gates will open on Wednesday 17th at 8.45am.   There will be 4 gates for students to enter and exit (follow signs).   A staff member from your team will be at the gate to welcome students
Designated learning and play areas will remain in place.  Students must stay within these boundaries at all times, unless escorted by a staff member.
The back gate will be closed for the remainder of the year
All whanau/visitors will only be permitted on site if they have a pre-organised appointment
All visitors will need to sign in at the office
Office will notify classroom teachers of early pickups
No after school or breakfast club until further notice
Lunches in school will be operating.



Kia ora whaanau.  If you are sending your children back to school this Wednesday, 17th November, then please watch this video.  It explains all you need to know.
If you have not already registered your child/ren for school, please fill in this form: Register your child form


School starts daily, part time this Wednesday, 17th November. ๐Ÿ˜

9am - 12:30pm
Registration is required to monitor numbers for health and safety purposes.  You can register your child/ren by clicking this link: Return to School Registration Form
If you completed the survey already, you do not need to do register unless your circumstances have changed.
More details of procedures & guidelines will follow tomorrow!


12 November Update

Returning to School

Please fill out this Google Form for the return to School next week. This will allow us to plan for space and resources. This form needs to be filled out whether your children will be returning to school, or not.

You will need to fill out this form for each child that attends Crawshaw by 12pm on Sunday. We will provide an update on Monday evening.

Fill out the Form here

Thank you!

Crawshaw School


Update Alert Level 3 areas: Letter for whฤnau with children in Years 1-8

Kia ora Crawshaw School community, 
I am writing to you following the Government’s announcement that plans are underway to support the return to onsite learning for our schools who are in Alert Level 3 areas and to do this in a way that is as safe as possible.
The restrictions of Alert Level 3 and 4 have been a real challenge to the wellbeing of our tamariki and whฤnau and we have heard from many of you that your tamariki are keen to see their friends and teachers kanohi ki te kanohi.
You can be reassured that any decisions about bringing more children and staff on-site will be done in accordance with strict public health guidance – so what on-site learning will look like will be different than Alert Level 2 or Alert Level 1 settings. For example, this might mean attending school two days a week and learning from home for the other three.
The earliest a return to school will happen is 15 November, and we will provide more information about this closer to the time.
In the meantime, vaccination and testing remains the best thing we can do to keep whฤnau and our community as safe as possible. COVID-19 is finding those who are unvaccinated in this outbreak.
For this current outbreak (as at 25 October), 224 people have been hospitalised with only 6 (<3%) of these people fully vaccinated. Of the 2,681 cases in the outbreak, 1,984 (74%) had not received one dose of the vaccine (541 were not eligible for vaccination as they were under 12). 
We need to look after our most vulnerable people, and it is great to see our community vaccination rates continue to go up. There are also now three million New Zealanders fully vaccinated – which is fantastic news!
Please do encourage your friends and whฤnau who might be worried about the vaccine to seek good information from health practitioners, so they can make a well-informed decision.
Ngฤ mihi
Robert Clarke


Crawshaw School Online Learning Links


Team 1 (Yrs 0-2) 12:00 - 12:30pm

Team 2 (Yrs 3-4) 10:00 - 10:30pm  

Team 3 (Yrs 5-6) 11:00 - 11:30pm


Team 4 (Yrs 7-8) 1:00 - 1:30pm



Team 1 (Yrs 0-2) 12:00 - 12:30pm

Team 2 (Yrs 3-4) 10:00 - 10:30pm  

Team 3 (Yrs 5-6) 11:00 - 11:30pm

Team 4 (Yrs 7-8) 1:00 - 1:30pm 

Important Notice 21.10.2021

Tฤ“nฤ koutou mฤtua mฤ, 


As part of a weathertightness project at Crawshaw School, the Ministry of Education has been conducting air and mould testing at the school.


The results of this testing identified the presence of mould in various classrooms and, as such, immediate steps were taken to protect the health and safety of our staff and students.


The wellbeing of our staff and students remains the top priority, and the Ministry of Education is working closely with the Board and appropriate agencies to address the mould issues. Regular, ongoing testing and fogging of the affected areas have commenced, and contingency planning is underway to ensure we minimise the impact on teaching and learning.  


We will continue to keep the school community updated with progress as the information becomes available. 


Please read the FAQs here, and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email, with the subject line Mould testing.

Ngฤ mihi, 


Robert Clarke 




Is the plan to return to the affected buildings? If so, when? 

Yes. As soon as repairs are completed (early next year).


Are the classrooms my children learn in, safe for them and staff?

Yes. The visible mould has been professionally removed and the area cleaned. A regular programme of airing, fogging and testing will ensure air quality remains within health guidelines. Until a classroom passes a successful test it is not being used for educational purposes. A full redesign of the existing roofs will eradicate the issue permanently, and you are likely to see contractors on site as this work gets underway this year.


How do we know that mould will not cross-contaminate into other buildings or rooms that are still in use?  

There is an extremely low chance of mould spores from the closed spaces contaminating the air in rooms or hallways that are being used. 


What is the possible impact on our children?

Mouldy environments are associated with allergies for susceptible children and create other health risks for children who are immunocompromised. 


What are the health risks? Who is susceptible to spores/microbes from damp buildings?  

According to the WHO 2009 guidelines for indoor air quality; dampness and mould: People who already have atopy or asthma problems can be susceptible to mouldy environments, especially if they have asthma or Hay Fever symptoms that are aggravated by moulds. 

Children may develop allergy/asthma if unduly exposed to mouldy environments. There is not an identified exposure time for allergy development. It is individual and depends on the amount of exposure and personal health factors. Infection is typically only a risk for people with immunosuppression such as cancer treatment or organ transplant or steroid medications. Allergy effects are much more common than other immunological, or toxic effects. 


We wish to assure our school community that we are following all safety procedures as recommended by health specialists and mould experts.


Are there any long-term effects from mould? 

No. If there were any effects to a person from the mouldy environment, the symptoms will reduce / stop now that they are no longer exposed. 


Useful sites for further information:  

Mould in damp buildings,โ€ฏโ€ฏ 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Facts about Stachybotrys chartarum,โ€ฏโ€ฏ 

US Environmental Protection Agency: Ten Things You Should Know about Mold,โ€ฏ 



Thursday 21st October 2021

Crawshaw School Online Learning Links


Please click on the link relevant to the Year group of your child.  We recommend trying the link out at least 5 mins before the meeting starts. 

Team 1 (Yrs 0-2) 12:00 - 12:30pm 
Team 2 (Yrs 3-4) 10:00 - 10:30am
Also, please open (if on a computer)
Team 2's Activities Board/Notices
Team 3 (Yrs 5-6) 11:00 - 11:30am
Team 4 (Yrs 7-8) 1:00 - 1:30pm

Wednesday, 20th October 2021- Latest updates!!

Tuesday, 19th October 2021

Kia ora Whanau
Hard copy "learning packs" for your child/ren will be available between 11-1pm today and tomorrow for pick up.   If you enter through the gate to the right of the carpark gate and then head up towards Room 2 (opposite dental clinic)  there will be packs available.   No devices will be given out.  
Please remember social distancing rules.   Nga mihi whanau.

Alert Level 3 Crawshaw Update 

Kia ora whanau,

A quick update on Crawshaw School at Level 3.
The Waikato area remains at alert level 3 until at least 11:59 pm on Monday 18 October. 
We are only open for those students whose caregivers are registered as essential workers during Level 3. All children should stay at home unless their caregivers are essential workers AND there is no one suitable at home to care for them.
Once the next Alert Level updates are made tomorrow, we will be able to make decisions regarding learning. The Ministry has advised us that we will have 48 hours to prepare for the return of all students on-site following any decisions about alert level changes.
Essential worker students and parents, please enter via the Ramp next to the CarPark, follow the path to the sign in desk at the MLE, (Room 2).
Take care in your bubbles,
Crawshaw School

7th October 2021

Kia ora Crawshaw School community,

This afternoon I was contacted by the Manager Education at the local office of the Ministry of Education. She was contacted by the Managers at the Ministry of Health. The following paragraph is from that discussion and the Manager's follow up email.

Tena koe Robert,
As discussed by phone with you, it appears that the parent and student are confirmed cases, however the DHB looked at the dates that the child was at school and determined that there was no risk of exposure as they would not have been contagious at that time. The key message is that if there was a risk to school staff or actions required by the school, the DHB would have picked this up via contact tracing and contacted the school either directly or via us.

So, please continue to follow the Ministry of Health Covid 19 advice. Kia haumaru te nooho, please stay safe.

Robert Clarke

Remaining at Alert Level 4

23 August 2021

Kia ora koutou,

I think we had all anticipated a further extension of Alert Level 4, and the Prime Minister has confirmed this. The Alert Level will be reviewed on Friday afternoon, but for now Alert Level 4 will remain in place until 12:59pm Friday 27 August.

Despite this news, it is really pleasing to see Alert Level 4 is having its impact on the number of confirmed cases, with numbers not dramatically increasing as they would likely have done if we had been at a lower Alert Level.

And so our distance learning programme will continue! Please note. it is only in very limited circumstances that students, parents or caregivers are allowed to come to the school grounds. So please do not come to school unless you have been individually contacted by us to do so. Otherwise, you will be in breach of the COVID-19 Health Response Order.

You may be wondering how, with so many contacts being identified of confirmed cases, we aren’t seeing bigger case numbers identified. Just like the Delta variant is different, so has been New Zealand’s response. Previously we might have moved to Alert Level 2 or 3 if there was a new COVID-19 case in the community (which happened most recently in Wellington). This time we moved immediately to Alert Level 4, after only one case had been identified.

Health authorities are also casting a MUCH wider net to determine who is a contact of a confirmed case. People who previously might have been considered a casual contact are now being treated as contacts. Where schools may have closed for three days while contact tracing was undertaken, they are now closing for 14 days with staff and students all self-isolating for that time. As a result, there are more than 13,000 close contacts being followed up by health authorities.

There is a lot we can all do to protect our whฤnau and community from COVID-19 including:

  • Everyone must continue to stay home in their bubble
  • Do not mix with other household bubbles – if they have COVID-19, it can easily spread to your household, and every other household they and you are connecting with
  • As new cases are identified, new locations of interest are added to the Ministry of Health website – please keep checking this. You can search by your location and they are sorted by date, so you only need to check the locations which have been added when you last checked
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially when you have been out in public
  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell and seek advice about whether you need to get a test
  • Wear a face covering when out and about, and you MUST wear a face covering in any businesses or services which are open at Alert Level 4 (unless you have specifically been exempted from doing so, which includes anyone aged under 12)
  • Keep a two-metre distance from people outside your household bubble
  • Check in using the NZ COVID Tracer App wherever you go or keep a manual record (a reminder the App only stores information on your own phone – no one else will know who it is that checked in, or when)

You can go to the website if you would like more information on Alert Level 4 requirements.

We can also make sure we are passing on good information. There is a very helpful article by Dr Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris in The Spinoff regarding misinformation and disinformation.

Their red flags for how to spot bad information are particularly well-summarised. Bad information will:

  • downplay COVID-19 and the pandemic
  • focus on survival rate
  • ignore long COVID
  • emphasise individual freedom
  • try to sell you something
  • push simple cures/treatments
  • make you feel fearful or angry.

“Good information put out to help you make an informed choice won’t make you feel scared or angry. It’ll make you feel empowered.”

Finally, we know some families in our community may be finding it difficult to access food and essential items such as medicine.  This information about how to access to food or essential items summarises the supports that are available, including financial help to buy food.

Please do take care and let us know how we can best support you and your whฤnau.

Kia kaha!

Robert Clarke 




TERM 2 ENDS THIS THURSDAY the 8th July, 2021.  There will be a school assembly in the hall from 2.15pm, you are most welcome to attend. 


If you have been following us on facebook you would have seen the fantastic photos and results from the week.    We are so proud of all the students who represented Crawshaw School and came away with some amazing taonga.     A huge nga mihi to all the parent helpers and to our wonderful Kaiako Whaea Vicki, Whaea Renee and Matua Shannon.      We also want to acknowledge Trillian Trust, Cock n Bull Te Rapa and Direct Group Uniforms for their support and sponsorship.    We could not have done this without you all!!!!     




Too many children are arriving at school in non-uniform clothing.  Direct Group, our uniform suppliers are fully stocked.  If your child has not got the correct uniform you need to see the classroom teacher or Mr Clarke.   


The school will close at 2.30pm on Thursday the 10th of June to allow ALL staff to attend professional development with our Board of Trustees Education Consultant Mr Richard Clarke. Please make the necessary arrangements for your children on this day.   


6th May 2021

With the cooler months beginning, we will be allowing non-uniform trackpants to be worn. These MUST be a Dark Navy colour (not black), with no strips/logos etc.

The Warehouse, Kmart and Postie Plus have these in stock for $5-$12 each.

Term 2 - 2021 Back to School on Monday 3rd May    


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for "What's happening" in Term 2.   Our Direct Group who supply our uniforms are now fully stocked whanau, so get in there quick to get your school uniform.   We would like to see all students in school uniform.    


EASTER WEEKEND - School opens again on Wednesday 7th April

Here's wishing you all a happy and safe Easter whanau, we look forward to seeing you all again next Wednesday.    

REMINDER WHANAU...Conference times were sent home this week,  make sure you have a time booked in to meet with your child's teacher on Monday 15th March. If you cannot make the meeting or would like to book another time, please see your child's teacher or the Office.


Goal setting with classroom teachers.   

Time:   1.30pm to 6.30pm - Notices will be sent out shortly.   

Please make arrangements for your child/ren.   School will close early from 12.50pm 

Week 5 - Term 1

Meet the teachers evening  TUESDAY, 2nd March 2021, Dominion Park from 4.30pm onwards

MONDAY, 12th April, 2021 - School reopens on TUESDAY 13th April, 2021.   Thanks for your support Whanau, this is an important PLD day for staff.   


Moving to Alert level 2 for Crawshaw School

14 February 2020
Kia ora koutou,
There have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Auckland.
As a result, the Government announced at 7pm that the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand that is outside of the Auckland region will move from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 2 for the next 72 hours from midnight tonight. This includes Waikato, Hamilton, Nawton and Crawshaw.
COVID-19 continues to be a factor we need to consider, and I assure you we have a robust plan and will do everything we need to for your children and your wider family and whฤnau.
If the situation changes, we will be in touch again. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.
Ngฤ mihi
Robert Clarke
Crawshaw School

This is from the Secretary of Education, Iona Holstead.

Alert Level 2 - All of New Zealand excluding Auckland region
Alert Level 2 applies from midnight tonight for 72 hours.
1. Schools are open to everyone, and all children must attend.
At Alert Level 2 the disease is contained but there is still risk of community transmission. It is safe for children and staff to attend school and for school hostels to be operating as there will be appropriate measures in place, including for children and staff vulnerable to severe illness.

2. Learning will be onsite with distance learning offered in some circumstances.
Distance learning should be provided for those required to self-isolate, those individuals who health authorities have asked to stay away while waiting for a test result, or those choosing to remain at home because they are vulnerable to illness.

3. Schools are not classified as gatherings and a range of events and activities can go ahead.
For most day to day activities at schools, the rules for gatherings do not apply. Under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Order, schools are exempted from physical distancing requirements when people are there to receive, provide, or support education services.
However as soon as your event or activity brings people onsite who are not there for education purposes, including students, parents and caregivers, then the rules for gatherings do apply. This would include performances such as school plays, cultural events and sporting activities.

4. Schools will close for cleaning and contact tracing if there is a confirmed case who was infectious when at school.

5. Face coverings are not required at school or on any school transport.
This includes charter buses hired by the school to transport students and staff. Anyone who chooses to wear a face covering in any setting should be supported to do so.

6. Sick people must stay at home.
They should seek medical advice if they have COVID-like symptoms and get tested if advised to do so. If that person displays relevant symptoms of COVID-19, tests positive for COVID-19, or has been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, they must self-isolate.

7. You must have a contact tracing system in place.
We have a QR code in the office, but parents are requested to drop their children at the gate before school and to wait outside the gates at 3pm for your children. Please ensure you are practicing social distancing while waiting for your children.

8. Fundamental public health measures continue to apply at every alert level:
Physical distancing (not touching and not breathing on each other at Alert Level 2)
Hand hygiene
Cough and sneeze etiquette
Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces.

9. Think and plan carefully before you go ahead with any activity that brings a large number of students together and/or spectators are involved.
Some events may need to be cancelled or postponed when we are at Alert Level 2. Inter-regional travel is possible but only where you are confident the appropriate measures will be in place at the host venue, including requirements for gatherings.


2021 - Term 1 Week 1

Kia ora Whanau 

Our first week back at school was a huge success, the feedback for the uniforms and the lunches was amazing so thank you koutou!   Newsletters will start Week 2 so look out for that.  Our annual meet the teachers picnic will take place at Dominion Park on Wednesday the 17th January.    If you have been onsite you will have noticed quite a bit of construction work around the school, fencing has been placed around those areas for your safety, please take care when walking through the school.   The staff car park is out of bounds to the community whilst construction is going.   If you are not staff, please park your vehicle on the road.  

Meet The Teacher Invite

๐—™๐—œ๐—ฅ๐—ฆ๐—ง ๐——๐—”๐—ฌ ๐—ง๐—จ๐—˜๐—ฆ๐——๐—”๐—ฌ ๐—ง๐—›๐—˜ ๐Ÿฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐—™๐—ฒ๐—ฏ๐—ฟ๐˜‚๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐˜† ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿญ
Nau mai hoki mai to Crawshaw School 2021. School starts at normal time at 8:55am. We will welcome our new students and whanau via pohiri at 9.30am under the main canopy. Our new students are assigned an area to wait outside by the rear staffroom entrance. Previous students are best to come early and check the class lists and where their class is. These lists will be posted at the admin area and each teacher will have the lists to help if required. Class lists will be reviewed in week 2.
๐—ฆ๐—–๐—›๐—ข๐—ข๐—Ÿ ๐—จ๐—ก๐—œ๐—™๐—ข๐—ฅ๐— 
The Board of Trustees decided that from 2021 onward, a school uniform is compulsory for all students except the 2021 Year 8s. Uniforms and documentation is available at Direct Group. We do not stock the uniforms at school. While the uniforms are compulsory, we are aware that it does take time to get the process completed so we encourage you to speak with Direct Group as soon as you can.
The Board of Trustees decided not to cover the stationery for 2021. We do not stock any stationary. Lists for you to provide are on our Facebook site and will be available at the admin area in week 1. 
๐—™๐—ฅ๐—ข๐—ก๐—ง ๐—ข๐—™ ๐—ฆ๐—–๐—›๐—ข๐—ข๐—Ÿ
Major parts of the Crawshaw Drive front of the school area will be taped and coned off for safety. This is because we are preparing for the positioning of new buildings by the end of this term. The school playground is accessible by going through the gap by the hall and onto the courts.
๐—ฆ๐—–๐—›๐—ข๐—ข๐—Ÿ ๐—–๐—”๐—ฅ ๐—ฃ๐—”๐—ฅ๐—ž
The staff car park remains out of bounds to whanau and their vehicles. In Term 1, there will be contractor vehicles parked in there as they start the renovation work of Block B This whole area will be completely fenced off from day 1 Tuesday the 2nd of February.
๐—Ÿ๐—จ๐—ก๐—–๐—›๐—˜๐—ฆ ๐—œ๐—ก ๐—ฆ๐—–๐—›๐—ข๐—ข๐—Ÿ๐—ฆ ๐—ฃ๐—ฅ๐—ข๐—š๐—ฅ๐—”๐— 
The Government is providing free lunches from day 1, Tuesday the 2nd of February. Attached is a sample of the menus. We will require you as the main caregivers to update us on any issues your child may have with the food. e.g. allergies, gluten intolerance, religious or cultural followings. We need this information from you. We may have this information but we highly appreciate you keeping us informed. YES you can still send your child with their own lunch. NO, the free lunch is not compulsory. YES, it is free, it is covered by our taxes. NO, we will not be offering lunch orders from the office. YES, you can come down to check out the lunches. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
๐—ก๐—˜๐—ช ๐—ฆ๐—ง๐—”๐—™๐—™
Last week we welcomed our 3 new teachers. They have been preparing since late last year and have continued over the past week to get themselves ready for 2021. We welcome Whaea Jojo Brown, Whaea Michelle Matthews and Whaea Margie Mahika. Welcome to Crawshaw!
๐—ฆ๐—–๐—›๐—ข๐—ข๐—Ÿ ๐—•๐—œ๐—ž๐—˜ ๐—ง๐—ฅ๐—”๐—–๐—ž
This is available from day 2, Wednesday the 3rd of February as we take day 1 to remind the students that to use the track, they must be wearing a helmet and covered footwear.
๐—ง๐—˜๐—”๐—–๐—›๐—˜๐—ฅ ๐—”๐—œ๐——๐—˜ ๐—ฃ๐—ข๐—ฆ๐—œ๐—ง๐—œ๐—ข๐—ก
We have a fixed term position for 2021. Advantages in kapa haka, handy with a guitar, sports as well as being super reliable and willing to learn are welcomed. if you are interested, please make enquiries with Whaea Haylee or Matua Robert. Kaua e whakama, don't be shy!
Heoi ano, we are really hoping that 2021 is better than 2020. As a country we are living as close to normal as possible while the rest of the world still struggles. At Crawshaw, we will still be encouraging the scanning, good cough etiquette, hand sanitising and washing. There is a lot happening at Crawshaw this term and the first couple of weeks will need us to be flexible and adaptable as we welcome new staff, new routines, new food provision, 9 new class spaces and of course new whanau.
See you all on Tuesday...
Robert Clarke


Nga mihi o te tau hau!!!  Happy new year whanau, we hope you all had a safe and happy break.    We are looking forward to welcoming your tamariki back to school in a few weeks.   Just a few reminders...
1.  Term 1 begins on Tuesday 2nd February.   Gates will be opened  from 8.30am and staff will be there to welcome you and direct you to your classes.   
2.  Team leaders have now posted their stationery lists, the school will not be stocking/selling stationery this year.
3.  Uniforms are compulsory for Years 0-7.   Direct Uniform Group are located at 6 Latham Court Frankton 07 847 6664 or 07 847 6661 Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm NEW LATE NIGHT THURSDAY 7am – 7pm  for January & February.  We are hoping to have Direct Group with us on Tues or Wed of the first week with some uniforms for purchase - TBC
4.   Class lists have been posted outside the office area - you may want to check these out before school begins but please note these may be subject to change in the first two weeks.    
5.   Years 0-2 are in the Library, Rms 7, 8 and 9;   Years 3-4 are in the Hall, Multipurpose Rm and Room 11;   Years 5-6 are located in Rms 10, 5 and Rm 17;   Years 7-8 are located in Rms 12, 13 and Rm 16.

6.    Office will be opened Thurs/Friday of next week (January 28th/29th) 9pm to 3pm (TBC).  

School closes this Friday the 11th December at 12pm.    We wish you a safe and happy break whanau and see you all again in 2021.     A big nga mihi nui to our wonderful teachers, staff and Board who made this year a memorable one.    To Whaea Danielle and Whaea Simone, all the best for your new adventures, thank you for all your hard mahi, you will be missed.      To our wonderful Year 8's, go well on the next part of your educational journey.      

Congratulations to all of our End of Year 2020 prize winners, you have done your whanau and teachers proud - Ka mau te wehi!!! 


4th November 2020

Kia ora Whanau
We hope you received a Student Conference Notice.  A quick reminder that school will be closed for interviews from 1pm Wednesday 11th November (normal day on Thursday).   Please make sure that your children know if they are walking home or picked up on the day.   
Children who attend After School Care will be supervised in the hall from 1pm.   


23 October 2020

Kia ora Koutou 

We are at the end of another productive learning week.   Good news, there will be a Newsletter being sent home today with the eldest child in your whanau.  There are some important dates to note in your calendar.   Please continue to check in here, facebook and School APP for any upcoming events.   

A reminder that school will re-open on Wednesday the 28th October.

Have a fantastic Labour weekend whanau, be safe, be happy and be kind!!!    


School Uniform Compulsory for 2021 - 19/10/2020Kia ora whanau,

Our school uniform is now ready to view and purchase, it looks amazing!!!!     Please click on the link to take you to  Direct Group's page.    There is also an Information sheet from Direct Group Uniforms attached here. A sample of the Uniform will be in the school office this week.          


Tuesday, 27th October 2020


End of Term 3

Reminder whฤnau that Term 3 finishes on Friday the 25th September (3pm) and Term 4 begins on Monday the 12th October.   Thank you all for maintaining Level 2 COVID 19 regulations, let's hope we move to Level 1 next week. 


Wacky Hair Day T3 Wk 8, 2020

Ngฤ mihi to all the students and whanau who participated in this year's Wacky Hair Day.   There were some amazing hair do's.   All funds went towards supporting Child Cancer, check out these photos...


12th August 2020

Kia ora Whฤnau

We are now back at Alert Level 2 from midday today.   Therefore procedures that were put in place previously at Alert 2 will now be implemented schoolwide and will end at midnight this coming Friday.   The NZ Government have issued the following...

Alert Level 2 is not life as normal. You can still go to work and school, but you should:

  • keep your distance from other people in public
  • wash your hands
  • sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • keep a track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen
  • wear a mask if you can.

At our school this means...

From tomorrow, there will be two access points for entering our school grounds. One will be at the front of the school by the Pou and the other is at the back fence. Both access points will have sanitizing and sign-in stations. ALL ADULTS coming onto the school premises will be required to sign in at these entrance points OR at the office after 9am.  At 9am the back gate will be locked and re-opened at 2.50pm.    The only access to school grounds will be through the front gate and for tracing purposes gates will be open from 8.30am. Do not send your child to school before these times. Please send a drink bottle with your child from tomorrow. 

                                  NO BREAKFAST CLUB until further notice. 

At school,  hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing (moist breath zone) will be observed .  Each classroom will have sanister, soap and hand towels.  At the end of the day all surface areas will be disinfected.   

If your child shows any symptoms of being unwell, you will be contacted and they will need to be collected and taken home.   Please ensure the office has your current and updated contact details.  

For further information please see 

Let's continue to be safe whฤnau, we have procedures in place should the Alert level go up and will keep you all posted via this forum, our school app and facebook.       


Matariki Whฤnau Kai - 6th August 2020 

Today was very special for our Kura, it was a chance to celebrate Matariki, hear fantastic waiata from the tamariki, see some  outstanding learning displayed around the hall from classes and then to sit down with whฤnau and share the beautiful kai prepared for us by Whaea Vicki, Whaea Danielle and their team of dedicated helpers.   Ngฤ mihi nui Crawshaw staff for all your hard work, this day would not have been a success without your input and we are sure the community appreciated all your efforts as well.   


Kia orana Whฤnau

The Breakfast Club runs daily from 7.30am-8.30am in the School hall.  It provides Weetbix supplied by Sanitarium, Milk from Fonterra as well as baked beans from Kids can, along with marmite and peanut butter.     We also receive bread, margarine and milo from donations.   We are truly thankful to those who have donated these items to the Breakfast Club.    We have been very grateful to all who have come on board to provide an essential service to our tamariki each day. Sadly Kids Can is no longer providing baked beans. 

At present we are running on a void of baked beans and spaghetti.  A parent has kindly donated money so I can purchase goods to run a food raffle to help boost our supplies. This raffle will be run on an exchange system i.e.  1 ticket in exchange for 2 cans of either Watties/Oak baked beans and spaghetti.   

The tickets will be available for exchange from Tuesday 4th August through till Friday 25th September (last day of Term 3) when the raffle will be drawn at 12pm. There are 200 tickets available.

Please support our tamariki and Breakfast Club by coming to Room 6 from the 4th August 8.30am onwards for tickets.   Thank you for your support.

Kathy Clark

Breakfast Club Coordinator. 


16th July 2020

News Flash!!   Whฤnau please keep these dates in your diaries.   

Week 3 - Thursday 6th August - Matariki Kai Celebration - All whฤnau are welcome to come down and share Kai with us during the day.   There will be three sessions (Jnr, Middle and Seniors) so look out for the panui in the next day or so.   Ensure you fill in the form so you don't miss out whฤnau.    

Week 4 - There will be a Teacher Only Day on Monday the 10th August so school will be CLOSED.   Please ensure you have made alternative arrangements for your tamariki.   


10 July 2020

Exciting news!!!! We have appointed two new Learning Support Co-ordinators who will collectively work in our Kura for 1 day and 4 days per week.   A big welcome back to Whaea Patrina Benefield who left us for a short while and will be working with our tamariki for 4 days.    Whaea Megan Kay is here for one day per week and will mostly work with our Juniors.  So what are Learning Support Co-ordinators?   Both wahine are experienced teachers who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of learning support.   

Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs)? 

LSCs are an in-school role that will work to ensure all learners – including those with disabilities, neurodiversity, behavioural issues and who are gifted – get the help they need. The LSC is an additional, full time, dedicated role, not an add-on to existing classroom teaching or management responsibilities. They may work across several smaller schools. LSCs will be registered teachers and kaiako with a current teaching practicing certificate.  


3 July 2020

Happy Holidays Whanau!  Hope you all have a well deserved break, keep safe and see you back again on Monday 20th July.     Kia ora to everyone who voted for a school uniform, this has been approved and Crawshaw School will have a new uniform in 2021, more details to come so watch this space.   We welcome back Whaea Kelly who will be opening an extra new entrants/junior class in Rm 20 and Matua Stuart will be back in Rm 3 (multi purpose room) with Year 0-1.     We have a student teacher starting next term for 5 weeks in Rm 3 so a big nau mai haere mai to Matua Jacob Kingi.     


10 June 2020 - COVID update

Kia ora whฤnau

 I am sure you were as pleased as I was to hear the Prime Minister’s announcement about moving to Alert Level 1.  For us, there will be no major changes to what we are doing and our school continues to be safe to attend, including any staff and children who are considered more vulnerable to COVID. We have a good cleaning routine in place, people who are sick are staying at home and we continue to encourage good hygiene practices.    We will continue to adhere to the office from our Minister of Education and Health Authorities, which is…

Changes from Alert Level 2

The key change for schools and early learning services is that there are no specific public health requirements at Alert level 1. 

Schools are no longer required to keep a contact tracing register, but as is usual practice will continue to keep a visitor register and maintain their attendance register (and will need to work with local health authorities to identify close contacts, should there be a case connected with the school).

Physical distancing is not a requirement but where possible or practicable, is encouraged when you are around people you don’t know.

There are no restrictions on numbers at gatherings or on physical activities including cultural and sporting activities, practices and events.

 There are key public health measures (golden rules) for everyone in New Zealand to follow. For schools and early learning services this will mean:

  • If people are sick, they should stay home (phone Healthline or their GP and get tested if they have cold or flu symptoms)
  • Wash and dry hands, sneeze and cough into elbow
  • Regularly disinfect shared surfaces
  • Soap, water and the ability to dry hands should be provided in bathrooms.
  • Support contact tracing efforts by displaying QR Code posters for the NZ COVID Tracer App.

Stringent self-isolation of those who display relevant symptoms of COVID-19, test positive for COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, or have been overseas in the last 14 days – Ministry of Health information for self-isolation


9 June 2020

New School Uniform - We want to hear your thoughts around our school having a  uniform, there are many pro's and con's but this came from a recent newspaper article “Uniforms give students a sense of belonging to a particular school and create an identity for the school in the community.”  We encourage you to fill in a form asap and leave in the PINK box at the office OR head over to our Facebook/School APP pages to vote.    Ngฤ mihi koutou. 


3 June 2020


It was great to read that instances of COVID-19 in New Zealand are very low and here in the Waikato we have no cases, with the last case reported on 10 May.  There are some concerns  that people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus. The Ministry of Health has advised us that there is no instance in New Zealand of someone spreading the virus without ever having symptoms. The Ministry of education and Ministry of Health assure us that our school is safe.

As described by Dr Payinda in his NZ Herald article, “Covid’s not measles or chickenpox, it doesn’t hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passers-by. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don’t have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their ‘moist breath’ zone”.

For more information about the public health measures at Alert Level 2, you can visit the website:

Even though there is such a low risk of the virus getting in the gates to start with, we will be keeping up our hygiene practices at Crawshaw School (that is, sanitising on entry, only two access points in and out of school, contact tracing continuing, signing in and out of the office, classrooms practising safe sanitising measure and any child or staff with flu like symptoms will be sent home) as well as keeping up to date with current public health measures as an extra precaution.   

Keep checking here, our facebook page, School APP for updates.    Ngฤ mihi to our Crawshaw community for supporting us during these unprecedented times.   

Haven't received any messages?   Do we have your updated contact details?  Please check whฤnau it is important that we keep these updated.


3 June 2020

This week we welcome to our Kura Whaea Miria Te Moni who is a our new in school SWiS worker (Social Worker in Schools).   Miria  has lived in Hamilton for  nearly 10 years and has worked in the Catholic Family services branch as well as Family Works.   Social work is a passion and Miria is committed to empowering whฤnau and individuals to strive for the treasures they value most dearly.    Nau mai haere mai Whaea!

"Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei"

Seek the treasure you value most dearly, and if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain.


2nd June 2020

Ngฤ mihi nui ki a koutou! 

Whฤnau ลŒra have kindly gifted our kura with 25 boxes of home cleaning/sanitising products, the box includes soap, disinfectant wipes etc.   If you would like one of these boxes please see Matua Stuart asap (first in first serve).  


22 June 2020

Kia ora Koutou!

Whew! We made it through our first week back at school.   Thank you to our wonderful community and tamariki who have embraced the new 'normal' with our sanitising and sign in routines.   While there have been some hiccups, we are regularly reviewing our processes and procedures to ensure disruptions to your tamariki's learning is kept at a minimum.    

This week  Oxford Pies chose our kura to receive "Kai packages" for our whฤnau, these were gratefully received and went out to our community yesterday.   Oxford Pies deserves our "Friends of the School" badge, ngฤ mihi Oxford Pies, thank you very much for your kind donations.   We also need to make a shout out to Good Neighbour in Rototuna for donating 18 bottles of sanitiser to the school.   During the lockdown BIDVEST also donated goods to our families and we are told these packs were AMAZING!!   

DRINK BOTTLES - Reminder to whanau that your child/ren will need to bring a named drink bottle/s with them on Monday.  Drinking fountains will not be available.


14 May 2020

Level 2 Protocols

Kia ora Crawshaw Whanau

The Prime Minister announced that schools will reopen for all students on MONDAY 18th MAY.  Our staff are looking forward to welcoming back all our students and are working hard this week to ensure all public health and safety guidelines are implemented on site.  

According to the Government, schools are not considered mass gatherings and therefore the guidelines around groups of 10 or less do not apply in the school setting, therefore our school is a SAFE PLACE.    

As from Monday, there will be two access points for entering our school grounds. One will be at the front of the school by the Pou and the other is at the back fence. Both access points will have sanitizing and sign-in stations. ALL ADULTS coming onto the school premises will be required to sign in at these entrance points OR at the office after 9am.  At 9am the back gate will be locked and re-opened at 2.50pm.    The only access to school grounds will be through the front gate and for tracing purposes gates will be open from 8.30am. Do not send your child to school before these times. 

At school,  hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing (moist breath zone) will be observed .  Each classroom will have sanister, soap and hand towels.  At the end of the day all surface areas will be disinfected.   

If your child shows any symptoms of being unwell, you will be contacted and they will need to be collected and taken home.   Please ensure the office has your current and updated contact details.    

For further information please refer to the Health Guidelines



Distance Learning at Crawshaw

Kia ora Whanau,

During the lockdown our wonderful teachers were busy developing online learning for your tamariki. However,  Alert Level 2 will look a little different i.e. learning packs are available for whanau to collect; check out our facebook page for learning in each division OR head to the Ministry of Education website for more learning options   We encourage you to make contact with your child's teacher for further updates.   

A reminder that the delivery of the MOE learning packs were out of our control despite our best efforts that these would be delivered during Alert 3, however fingers crossed these might still be delivered in the very near future.  Some of our students have received devices from the Ministry of Education, these are school property and must be returned when your child returns to school  Any questions feel free to contact the school.


 Notice to whanau Alert Level 3 21.2.2020.docx

Breaking News! COVID-19

Kia ora Crawshaw School community, Information supplied to us from the Ministry of Education... When is sick, sick? The messaging remains clear – that if you are feeling unwell please stay home, and the same goes for children and young people. However at the tail end of a cold, there will be runny noses and probably some coughing. This might be worrying for some people who are being vigilant about their own and others’ health. A diagram has been developed by Dr Siouxsie Wiles to assist you when considering symptoms (sent to us by a teacher who found it useful). What it tells us is: A dry cough and a high temperature are common to both flu and COVID-19 Sneezing is not a symptom of COVID-19, however if someone has COVID-19, then sneezing can spread droplets containing the virus. 


Kia Ora, Welcome to Crawshaw School

Crawshaw School is very much a neighbourhood school. We wish to be an integral part of the community and to reflect and enhance the educational aspirations of the parents and caregivers in our community. 

We are a full primary school (Y0-8) situated in the North-west corner of Hamilton City, New Zealand. We have 14 classes catering for approximately 300, mainly local students and both English and Maori enrichment classes are offered. Two satellite classes from Hamilton North School are integrated into the school. We also have a school chaplain, Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, (RTLB), a Social Worker in Schools, (SWIS), a dental clinic on site and a close relationship with  Hamilton City Council Neighbourhood Advisors and our School Community Constable. Two local churches, St Marks and North West Baptist, give support to the school.

We are a PB4L  (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school and we want every student to SOAR (Be Successful, Be Outstanding, Be Adaptable and Be Resilient).      Please feel free to make an appointment with the Principal, who will be only too pleased to share our story with you and show you around our wonderful Kura. 

Read our Latest School Notices here

Exciting news!! We have a new  School APP - Tฤซtiro mai whฤnau!

Important Notices