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FAQ's - Mould testing

Is the plan to return to the affected buildings? If so, when?  

Yes. As soon as repairs are completed (early next year).   

Are the classrooms my children learn in, safe for them and staff? 

Yes. The visible mould has been professionally removed and the area cleaned. A regular programme of airing, fogging and testing will ensure air quality remains within health guidelines. Until a classroom passes a successful test it is not being used for educational purposes. A full redesign of the existing roofs will eradicate the issue permanently, and you are likely to see contractors on-site as this work gets underway this year.   

How do we know that mould will not cross-contaminate into other buildings or rooms that are still in use?   

There is an extremely low chance of mould spores from the closed spaces contaminating the air in rooms or hallways that are being used.    

What is the possible impact on our children? 

Mouldy environments are associated with allergies for susceptible children and create other health risks for children who are immunocompromised.     

What are the health risks? Who is susceptible to spores/microbes from damp buildings?   

 According to the WHO 2009 guidelines for indoor air quality; dampness and mould: People who already have atopy or asthma problems can be susceptible to mouldy environments, especially if they have asthma or Hay Fever symptoms that are aggravated by moulds.  Children may develop allergy/asthma if unduly exposed to mouldy environments. There is not an identified exposure time for allergy development. It is individual and depends on the amount of exposure and personal health factors. Infection is typically only a risk for people with immunosuppression such as cancer treatment or organ transplant or steroid medications. Allergy effects are much more common than other immunological, or toxic effects.    We wish to assure our school community that we are following all safety procedures as recommended by health specialists and mould experts.   

Are there any long-term effects from mould?  

No. If there were any effects to a person from the mouldy environment, the symptoms will reduce / stop now that they are no longer exposed.    

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