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Remote Learning

Team 1 Online Learning


Kia Ora Koutou......Welcome to the week 3 Online Learning page for Team 1. We hope that you are all keeping safe and well in your bubbles. Fingers crossed that we get to move back to level 2 this week and we get to see your children's smiling faces in person at school. 

Can you click on the link and solve the addition problems in your book. Bring it along to a google meeting to show your teacher. 

Weekly Google Meets Schedule








Whaea Tania 

And Whaea Sian

Whaea Tania 

And Whaea Sian

Whaea Tania 

And Whaea Sian

Whaea Tania 

And Whaea Sian

Whaea Tania 

And Whaea Sian


Whaea Michelle or Whaea Karen

Whaea Michelle or Whaea Karen

Whaea Michelle or Whaea Karen

Whaea Michelle or Whaea Karen

Whaea Michelle or Whaea Karen

Special guest appearances by Matua Robert, Whaea Lars, Whaea Bex, Mrs Haumaha, and Whaea Cindy.

Out of the Box Challenges

These are a set of challenges you and your child may like to do over the week. They are just suggestions, they cover many areas of the curriculum and may lead to further learning if your child so wishes - just go with it. 

We will put a new set of challenges up each week. Any work that you would like to share back can be emailed to your class teacher or shared live at any of the google meets - we’d love to see them!



Click on the link to enjoy this version of

Go on a junk hunt around your house and find things you can create with. 

Check with an adult before using the items. 

Now create your own most magnificent thing!

Bring your creation along to one of our google meets. Have something ready to say about it. ( What it is, how you made it, what it can do etc)


Just as it says click on this link to learn some fun dice games - Passage and Fifty looked fun!

Create a treasure map of hidden things around your house with ‘X’ marking the spot. Give it to a family member to use.

Bring the map you have created to one of our class zoom meetings to share with your class.

Here is a link if you need help to draw your treasure map

Treasure map drawing


Turn on some music and create a dance! Share this with your whanau in a mini show.

Check this link out for some dance moves

Hip hop moves tutorial


Write a story that must include these 5 words:

Run, jump, hop, skip, walk

Don’t forget to add those fullstops and capital letters.

For an extra challenge can you add in the following:

Who, what, where, when, how?

Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help with your writing...

Who ran, jumped, hopped, skipped or walked?

What did someone do?

Where did you do all of these actions?

When did you do these?

How high, far, long did you do these actions for?

Te Reo Maaori

This book is about what we can do…

‘Kei te peke ahau - I am jumping’

Can you learn the Te Reo Maaori words for run, jump, hop, skip and walk 

from the book?

How about learning how to ask how someone is in Te Reo Maaori?

Kia Ora, kei te pehea koe - Hello, how are you?’