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Remote Learning

Team 3 Lockdown Online Learning Plan

Kia ora e te whaanau

First of all, it is our hope that you are all safe and well in your bubbles and that you continue to stay safe.  Our most important objective is to focus on keeping up connections and relationships... because that's what actually matters!



Please check the Crawshaw School Facebook page or website daily for updates.   Teachers will use Class Dojo, Google Classroom, email, text or phone to share messages with you all.  We have been in contact with most of you however, to help with communication, please make sure that we have your most up to date contact information by emailing your child’s teacher.  


Classroom Work All students are encouraged to engage in learning each day via their Google Classroom.   Feel free to email your teachers if you have any questions 

Room 5    Google Classroom  

Room 10 Google Classroom R10

Room 17 Google Classroom


Hangouts 24th Aug - 27th Aug and Monday 30th

Fun, daily Google Hangouts with Team 3 teachers (Whaea Bex, Whaea Ngapipi, Whaea Vicki, Whaea Hiria & Whaea Rachel) Click on this link when you and/or your whaanau would like to join an activity. Easy peasy







Maramataka for today







Crawshaw Values while using Google Meet  

Just Dance with Whaea Rachel

***Baking with Whaea Vicki

Art - Drawing with Ngapipi

***Drumming with Whaea Rachel


Share your pet


Drumming with Whaea Rachel

Indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt with Whaea Vicki

Hiria Waiata


***Drumming with Whaea Rachel

Scattergories with Whaea Vicki

Story time with Whaea Ngapipi

Hiria Pūrākau



***Baking with Whaea Vicki - Self saucing choc pudding in a cup. You will need……. 3 Tablespoons Plain White Flour, 

3 Tablespoons Sugar, 1 1/2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder, 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder, 3 Tablespoons Milk, 2 1/2 Tablespoons Oil (or melted butter) 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Essence, 1 1/2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar,1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder 3 Tablespoons Hot Water, large cup


***Drumming - you will need two wooden spoons or utensils that can be used for tapping (maybe some solid small sticks from outside) and a bucket (or possibly a big saucepan/pot)



Online Learning Resources

Here you will find links to online learning games,  We have added a brief description to aid your selection of suitable learning games. 

Learning Websites

Link to readers

Extra Digital Home Learning Task Board         Digital tasks for students to try and enjoy at home!

Google Docs - A few of my favourite things!

  1. Create a Google Doc
  2. Make a table 
  3. Insert photos of your favourite things- animal, food, sports etc 
  4. Share it with a classmate or teacher!

Google Drawings - Self portraits!

  1. Create a Google Drawing and create your own self portrait using the drawing tools.
  2. Practice your skills first- complete this pop art lesson here!

Coding - Learn to code on Scratch!


  1. Go to
  2. Have a go at some of the online tutorials!

Online Stories - Listen and enjoy!


Check out some of these wonderful ways to enjoy, listen to and explore books and stories: 

Digital Music - use these tools to create some beats! 



Blob Opera

Learn NZ Sign Language:

-NZSL- Paradise

-NZSL- Perfect

-Shotgun- NZSL

-Special- NZSL

-One Call Away- NZSL




Google Earth - Explore our world!


Our planet is changing - watch it!

Explore Google Earth.

Grab the helm and go on an adventure!


The world's most detailed globe

Create stories and maps!


Digital Art - use these tools to create some digital art!

Make silk art:


Make sand art:

Make art like Jackson Pollock:

Draw and see if the computer can guess:

Draw a stickman:

Make up a story, song, rap or dance


Ask a whanau member to record it and share it with a friend or a teacher


Fitness—aim for 30 minutes a day!

If the weather is dry today, complete your 30 minute fitness outside.

What is your favourite exercise?

Do you like doing star jumps, skipping, jogging on the spot or hopping. Enjoy!



Reading - Reading to and talking with your child/ren