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Remote Learning

Team 2 Online Learning

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Fun Activities to do during lockdown 

Monday 23 - Friday 27th

Find a favourite Tik Tok dance and follow it. 

Get someone to join in with you. 

Design your dream bedroom. Draw your design.

Have a paper plane challenge with your family. Whose plane can fly the furthest.

Take a photo close up of something, then write about it. What is it? What is it used for? Where did it come from?

Find some leaves and do some leaf rubbings.

Draw your favourite animal. You may want to combine the features of two animals into one.

Keemu Maori

Maori game

You will need a buddy to play against.The name of the game is Whano. To win the game you must be the first person to say WHANO when you both have the same actions. Everytime you change actions you say WHANO

There are 4 actions.

  1. Legs together

  2. Legs apart

  3. 1 leg in front of the other

  4. The other leg in front of the other

Use one of your toys to hide in your house and get someone to find it. 

Music and Movement

Try out some of these fun yoga poses with Jaime

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Make a cartoon book with a funny ending

What can we do to help protect our flora and fauna?

Learn with Aroha

Check out some new sign language actions

NZSL Paradise

Te Reo Maori-Objects

Find 4 objects in your house. Find out the Maori word for these. (You can use the Maori dictionary online)

Did you know that a Tyrannosaurus’ teeth were the size of bananas!

National Geographic Kids


What happens when you add food colouring with oil?

Fireworks In A Jar

Run to your letter box and back to your door. Get someone to time you. How many times can you do in 5 minutes? 

Choice board/Activities

There are multiple activities on this link that will keep students very busy

Tori's stories

Here you can read stories online, or have the story read to you.

The Inter-yeti-Lost on a wild Webventure

Watch this fun video about safety on the internet

Make Eggy Bread.

Eggy Bread Recipe

Fun Activities to do during lockdown 

Monday 30th - Friday 3rd

Try making these fabulous toasted sandwiches

Toasted Sandwiches

Kids freeze dance

You can click onto this link and dance to the music, and at the same time learn about place value.

Make a mask out of your brown shopping bag’s use what items you have around the house.make it funny ,silly,scary etc.Have fun.


Waiata - 

E minaka ana

Sing along to this waiata with the words 

Te Reo Maori

Say Good Morning to the people in your house.

Morena - Good morning

Atamarie - Good morning

Kei te pehea koe? How are you?

Act out a scene from your favourite book, film or TV show. Ask the people where you live to guess what it could be.

Choose three dance moves and put them together to create a new dance to music. Perform it to the people where you live.


Click on the link to practice your times tables 

Think of a girls name for every letter in the alphabet and write it down,it  cannot be made up names ,when you have finished,make a boys list. 

Learn a new skill. This could be tying your shoelaces, zipping up a hooded top or making your bed.


Play hit the button to practise your instant Maths facts recalling.

Place an ice cube in salt and another one in sugar. Have another uncovered ice cube. What do you notice about the time they take to melt? Use scientific reasoning to explain why.

Jump jam

Do some dancing with someone at home. Or just on your own

Boggle Spelling game

Follow the steps and complete the word counts.

Challenge a family member to play. 

Place a cut flower in a glass of coloured/dyed water. Investigate what happens. Why does this happen?

Check out some new sign language actions

NZSL We Are Aotearoa